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13 September 2023: Beyond Portraits: Tradition, Art and Activism in the Kifaananyi Kya Kabaka with Dr Angelo Kakande

    Image: Sanaa Gateja, ‘Outfit for Muteesa’ (2016-17)

    Art History Research Lecture
    Dr Angelo Kakande (Makerere University; Global Fellow, School of Art History, University of St Andrews 2023-4)
    Wednesday September 13th 2023, 4pm
    School II, St Salvator’s Quad, St Andrews (KY16 9AL)

    ‘Outfit for Muteesa’ by Sanaa Gateja (2016-17) is based on a photograph taken by John Speke, during his visit to the palace of Kabaka (king) Muteesa I of Buganda, in 1862. Gateja is a modernist Ugandan artist. He presented his work in an exhibition hosted at Makerere Art School in 2017 in which many artists returned to Speke’s photograph to produce a variety of artworks in which they went beyond celebrating the kingdom of Buganda, and its kings, and began to critique social issues.

    Dr Kakande’s talk will start from this exhibition but will also cover other artists who have used the portrait of the kings of Buganda to make art in which they celebrate traditions and campaign for social and political justice.

    The St Andrews Centre for Contemporary Art is delighted to be supporting Dr Kakande’s Global Fellowship with the School of Art History in the academic year 2023-24.

    All welcome! Please also join us for drinks after Dr Kakande’s seminar in the School of Art History, 79 North Street. For details on how to find School II, please see here.

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