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The current Co-Directors of the St Andrews Centre for Contemporary Art are Kate Cowcher and Catherine Spencer.


Natalie Adamson (School of Art History)

Emma Bond (School of Modern Languages, Italian)

Anna Brown (School of Management)

Karen Brown (School of Art History)

Jessica Burdge (University Museums and Libraries)

Stephanie Bunn (Department of Social Anthropology)

Vindhya Buthpitiya (Department of Social Anthropology)

Tori Champion (School of Art History)

Anne-sophie Daffertshofer (School of Art History)

Glyn Davis (Department of Film Studies)

Lexington Davis (School of Art History)

Sandra De Rycker (School of Art History/Edinburgh College of Art)

Lucy Donaldson (Department of Film Studies)

Victoria Donovan (School of Modern Languages, Russian)

Derek Duncan (School of Modern Languages, Italian)

Paul Flaig (Department of Film Studies)

David Evans (School of Modern Languages, French)

Ruth Ezra (School of Art History)

Anna Grasskamp (School of Art History)

Aline Hernández (School of Art History)

Ros Holmes (School of Modern Languages, Chinese Studies)

Lucy Howie (School of Art History)

Margaret-Anne Hutton (School of Modern Languages, French)

Katie Jones (School of Modern Languages, French)

Aimée Joyce (Department of Social Anthropology)

Tobias Jung (School of Management)

Philippa Lovatt (Department of Film Studies)

Catriona McAra (School of Art History; Honorary Fellow)

Jeffrey Murer (School of International Relations)

Stephanie O’Rourke (School of Art History)

Dora Osborne (School of Modern Languages, German)

Laura Pels Ferra (School of Biology/STACEES)

James Purdon (School of English)

Sam Rose (School of Art History)

Sara Makari-Aghdam (School of Art History)

Camilla Mørk Røstvik (School of Art History; Honorary Fellow)

Alistair Rider (School of Art History)

Natalia Sassu Suarez Ferri (School of Art History)

Vivian K. Sheng (Hong Kong University; Visiting Global Fellow in Art History)

Tom Smith (School of Modern Languages, German)

Gabrielle Tornero (School of Management)

Darya Tsymbalyuk (School of Modern Languages)

Anne-Marie Weijmans (School of Physics and Astronomy)

For research publications by members of the St Andrews Centre for Contemporary Art, please see here.