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23 March 2024: Care, Healing & Regeneration, Looking North x Dundee Contemporary Arts

    Saturday 23 March 2024, 2-4m
    Dundee Contemporary Arts, 152 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4EA
    Fee, booking via Eventbrite

    We are living in a time that is defined by the ecological crisis, which encompasses both climate change and a widespread loss of biodiversity. After centuries of human domination over nature in Western cultures, we – and our other-than-human co-inhabitants – are increasingly facing the consequences. And while public awareness on ecological issues has increased in recent years, much of public discourse remains focused on science, innovation and the economy, while promising to continue a status quo that is built on excess and consumer culture.

    Looking North is a project that was born out of the wish to contribute to diversifying those discourses without negating or excluding its current building blocks: by inviting leading artists, nature writers and ecological initiatives, Looking North has facilitated both online and in-person conversations that explore how we can reflect on and reframe prevalent concepts of landscape, nature and energy, as well as our relationship to them by discussing thoughts expressed by artworks, in the written word and the inspiring work that is going on across Scotland.

    This event is an opportunity to gather in person, and conclude the Third Part of Looking North, which focused specifically on care, healing and regeneration as a way to broaden and diversify our understanding of what it means to take positive environmental action. Central questions include, if we consider “care, healing and regeneration” as a framework to encourage a broader societal shift in face of the ecological crisis, what are the role and potential of curation, art, research and art history to develop and convey those ideas? Building on this, which practices do we understand as expressing “care, healing & regeneration”? How can that be helpful to exploring alternative approaches to landscape, nature and energy? And what are the ways in which this relates to the speaker’s professional activities?


      • Tiffany Boyle, curator
      • Lauren Gault, artist
      • Eszter Erdosi, art historian “Multispecies Relationalities: Politicised Animals and Practices of Care in Contemporary Art”
      • Bridget Bradley, social anthropologist, “eco-worrier, eco-warrier

    This event is funded by the St Andrews Centre for Energy Ethics, the Scotland’s Future Series and the St Andrews Centre for Contemporary Art.

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